Alexandra Composting Program

Not much in life is certain in these times, but one certainty is that if you make the right mix of carbon and nitrogen, mix well, wait patiently, you will create vegie garden gold. The VCAL students from Alexandra Secondary College have been engaged in the Alexandra Composting Program (ACP) for 2 years, collecting kitchen waste from different businesses in town and turning it into a valuable gardening resource. The ACP was implemented with help from Upper Goulburn Landcare Network, with Jodie Morrison bringing her many years of composting experience to the program. The students learn the finer details of different composting methods as well as bigger scale circular systems in the soil food web.
The program has been paused with Stage 3 restrictions, however the current students were able to spend a few weeks of high productivity, taking their composting activities “to the street” and engaging with the local community. They installed a community compost bay in Alexandra, encouraging the residents of the street to deposit any usable materials in the bay, and also encouraging neighbours and residents to start a conversation about the importance of composting rather than sending organic waste to landfill. As Morrison so aptly quoted, “When a virus gets you down, make compost”


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