Bicycle ride to Buxton

5 November 2010

Landcare / Treeproject Partnership

Janet & Chris from Landcare plus a small but super dedicated team from ANZ ‘ Group Treasury Department’ helped plant around a dam in Buxton today creating frog habitat with grasses and shrubs. Just as well this was a small group of workers because Chris and Janet were rather disorganised today , We had the plants , equipment , tools and food sorted but weren’t quite sure where we were meant to plant ! The landholder was not around and Cathy was out of phone contact so we played it safe and planted wetland plants around the dam and creek . 102 plants in the ground and woody weeds removed from the garden.

Action man , Liwa , rode his bicycle from Malvern to Taggerty !!!!

He left home at 6.30am and rode to Taggery via the Black Spur Road , arriving at 9.45am .
He then changed into camo working outfit and planted trees. Georgina gave him a lift back to the city at the end of the day . Paul drove from Sunbury using his navman for guidance , which was a good effort as well.

Thanks guys , it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed your company .

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