Building Indian Myna traps

The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network recently held an Indian myna trap building workshop for landholders. The day was run by Max Caithness, a member of the Yarra Indian myna Action Group.

Twelve community members attended this free event which was supported by funding from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority ‘Pest Plant and Animal’ funding.

All attendees built a trap and were able to take them home, along with drinkers and feeders.


‘The common Indian myna bird is fast becoming Australia’s number one feral enemy! In autumn, mynas start to aggregate in large flocks – providing the perfect opportunity to trial a new trap that could finally provide a way to remove these clever and aggressive pests.

The myna bird has been declared the second greatest threat to native birds after land clearing. It’s currently spreading through eastern Australia, yet in some areas its arrival is so recent that unknowing residents welcome it into their backyards and encourage it to feed alongside native birds.

First introduced to Australia to control insect pests, the arrival of the Common Indian Myna (Acridotheres tristis) in a region signals a disastrous change to come in local bird populations. This extremely aggressive bird chases out native birds and small tree dwelling marsupials such as feather-tailed gliders.’


All very focused

All very focused                                                              

Alan working hard

Alan working hard


For a copy of the trap plans and further information contact Judy at;

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