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Landcare Woody Weed Control Project

Thanks to funding provided by the State Governments Communities For Nature program the UGLN, Friends of Marysville Walks and Kinglake Landcare Group have been able to control many hectares of woody weeds in bushland along the Stony Creek at Kinglake and the Dom Dom Creek catchment in Narbethong. CVA Kinglake Much of the work has…

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Long-nosed Bandicoot update – Glenburn

Long-nosed Bandicoot (LNB) numbers seem to have increased since the 2009 fires along the Stony Creek at Kinglake West, along the King Parrot Creek down to Hazeldene and at Toolangi.The thick regrowth of native vegetation has probably favoured the bandicoots and provided protection from predators such as foxes and cats.Our fauna monitoring with remote sensor…

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Long-nosed Bandicoot Recovery

The Long-nosed Bandicoot(Perameles nasuta) pictured here was recently killed by a vehicle on the Whittlesea-Yea Road and is unfortunately one of five known road-kill bandicoots in the past few months, mostly in the Stony Creek area at Kinglake West. Long-nosed bandicoot road-kill at Kinglake West There is conjecture about the reasons for this spate of…

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Lorax Project 2012

Our revegetation project (Lorax Project) has kicked off for 2012. We recently have had volunteers from NAB, Aspect Personnel, Camberwell Secondary College and Conservation Volunteers Australia planting trees and shrubs along the Spring Creek, Stony Creek, at South Cathedral Farm in Buxton and the Kinglake Lions Park. South Cathedral Farm – Buxton NAB at Kinglake…

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It is not all about Tree Planting

Woody Weed removal has been another important activity volunteers have undertaken . After the bushfire is an excellent time to get on top of invasive exotic weed species. Volunteers have been ‘cutting and painting’ broom , blackberries, holly and gorse from patches of remnant bush. Loppers are used to cut the plants at ground level…

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