Cultivating Connections: Upper Goulburn Intrepid Landcare’s Successful Event at Polly McQuinns

On February 17th, Upper Goulburn Intrepid Landcare hosted a memorable event at Polly McQuinns in Strathbogie, focusing on weed management and tree guard maintenance. With a wave of fresh faces infusing new energy, the day proved both beneficial for the land and invigorating for relationships.


Folks dove into the task of managing St John’s Wort, a persistent weed in the local environment. While hand-pulling loads of weeds from the reserve, volunteers also fortified and repaired tree guards from previous plantings, ensuring the ongoing protection and growth of the area’s young trees.


Beyond the tasks at hand, the event served as a platform for community building. A post-work BBQ provided a relaxed atmosphere for mingling and sharing stories. Later, canoeing on the reserve’s tranquil waters offered a peaceful conclusion to the day’s endeavours.


In the company of newfound friends, bonds were forged, and a sense of camaraderie flourished. This collective effort underscored the potent combination of shared purpose and teamwork in environmental stewardship.


As the canoes were loaded back onto the trailer and the summer heat dried off those who chose to swim, folks departed with a shared sense of achievement and connection. Their experience at Polly McQuinns served as a reminder of the power found in community action and caring for the land.

With many more events on the horizon, UGIL invites you to get involved and form connections with like-minded people while having a positive impact on our local environment. 


UGIL’s next event is a clean-up Australia Day event at Jacks Falls, Molesworth to find out more follow the link below.

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