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Geoff, Fred, Marg, Sparky and Ron are the stalwarts of our 4WD fencing team. They have been donating their time on weekends to help landcare and bushfire recovery. They have been a great help fencing in the muddy, wet conditions this winter where four wheel driving expertize was needed. They have worked on properties at Glenburn, Castella and Kinglake. Chris Cobern has been supervising their activities and they have been staying overnight at the Kinglake Scout Hall to make full use of their time.

Thanks guys and girls for your participation in the Fencers without Boundaries project.

Letter from another happy customer:

“Dear Chris, Just a short note to thank you and the fantastic gang led by Geoff for helping with the re-fencing of my property on Deviation Rd Kinglake. What a fantastic group of people. I could never have done it alone and their dedication has been inspiring. I appreciate that they have been doing this now since the fires on a regular basis and my only regret is that I did not nominate them all for an OA which I believe they are worthy of. If there are any plans along these lines please count me in. They have worked on the fencing at my place alone through 40C heat and six inches of snow and during days of consistent and sometimes heavy rain. Nothing stops them or dampens their spirit.

I feel very humble having had the privilege of working along with them all. They seek no praise. They say thanks and move on to the next challenge when it is us that are in their debt. Janet and I will never be able to thank them enough.

Thank you also Chris for all your help. I know the effort you personally put into assisting people like Janet and I affected by the fires with inadequate insurance and no farm insurance to cover costs of re-fencing. Your work as Fire Recovery Landcare Coordinator and that of the

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network is truly appreciated.

I take pride in having the teams efforts acknowledged on the sign you have posted.”

Sincere thanks, Barry and Janet.

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