UGLN Green Army – March Update

Over March our Green Army team continued working along the rail trail, UT Creek and the King Parrot Creek but have also started on a few other interesting and important projects.

NB's Coonans (4)

Inspecting nest boxes along the King Parrot Creek.














They have begun removing Briar Rose and Hawthorn from along Godfreys Creek in Gobur and around the historic goldfields site. Now is also the time of year for Holly control so the team have also been busy at Narbethong and at Kinglake West drilling and then injecting with herbicide the large holly shrubs and cutting & painting the smaller plants.


Holly control at Narbethong

Learning holly control techniques at Narbethong











At the moment the team are fencing off a wetland area and paddock trees in Merton and installing nesting boxes for ducks and sugar gliders.

Merton wetland1

merton wetland 3








Coming up over April we have 1.2km of fencing to construct along the Andrews Creek in Taggerty and will be building nesting boxes for Sugar Gliders and Brush-tailed Phascogales at the Marysville Mens Shed.

2016 green army potting up seedlings2

On a rare wet day the team potted up seedlings in the Kinglake Scout Hall.


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  1. Steve Joblin on April 7, 2016 at 11:17 am

    All good work Chris. I hope over the next couple of weeks you keep an eye out for European Wasp nests as these are a major hazard at the moment. Flowerdale Landcare have eliminated 18 nests along the King Parrot and surrounds over the last month – potentially up to 1.8 million of the nasty little insects!

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