Happy Christmas EVERYONE see you again next year

There were many international volunteers in the group , this girl had only been in Australia for five days .

New Coordinator Phil Rance helped out in Chris’ absence ( Mary has badly broken her ankle and is in hospital awaiting an operation )and enjoyed his first day working with volunteers.

The bus driver spent his time rewriting his science fiction noval in the bus – he emerged at lunchtime.

Clever use of a day away from the office was made by management , staff appraisal interviews were held in the paddock!

15 December 2010. Our very last team of planting volunteers for the year came from BMS Pharmaceuticals . This planting of aquatic and terrestrial plants was part of our Kinross Farm project at Flowerdale. Landcare supervisors :Janet Hagen & Phil Rance

The BMS volunteers arrived on time and ready for action. Agility and flexibility were the skills required for planting around the dam without falling into the water. 200 water plants and 300 lands plants were added to the edges of the beautiful dams at Kinross Farm , improving the habitat value of the site. (Phil noted sacred kingfishers and gang gang cockatoos watching us work) A peaceful and productive morning was enjoyed by all the participants , who promised to return again next year. Their catering crew did and excellent job preparing a BBQ lunch before the rain set in again !

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