Healthy Hectares

Prior to the fourth Healthy Hectares workshop, the UGLN in partnership with the Euroa Arboretum and supported with funding from the Beyond Soilcare program at the GBCMA, have successfully run three workshops on topics such as;

  • Planning your property
  • Getting to know your dirt and pasture
  • Water on your Farm.

In the first workshop, Kate Stothers from the Euroa Arboretum talked to land owners about their goals and aspirations, how to look at your land realistically, what are the challenges of land management and is your land suited to what you want to do with it?

Kate Stothers

Many people purchase land with a dream of how they would like to use it or would like to run a particular enterprise, often without having done a great deal of research. Without knowing what your property strengths and issues are, this can create a great deal of work.

By learning to understand your soil type, the landscape, the climate and many other issues, you can learn to work with your property rather than force it to do something you want it to do.

Dr Anthony Dredge also spoke about the importance of good animal husbandry as well as the legislative requirements of owning farm animals.

Dr Anthony Dredge discussing animal husbandry

The second workshop in the series was Soil and Pasture. Cath Botta, soil biologist explained the importance of good soil health and structure and how this impacts on healthy pastures, reduced weed problems and animal health.

We then visited a property in the Gelnburn area to have a look at some pasture renovation projects with Matt Helder, agronomist from Dindi Ag.

Matt and Cath both talked about and reiterated the impotance of healthy soils and  soil and pasture management.

Matt Helder discussing pasture management

The third workshop was Water on your Farm. Brad Costin and Greg Bekker presented this workshop focusing on the importance of water budgeting, designing a farm water plan, reticulated water systems and Sue Kosch from the GBCMA spoke about protecting your waterways. The group then visited a property in Molesworth where a great deal of work has been completed fencing off the Goulburn River, willow removal and revegetating. A reticulated trough system is in place. The property manager spoke about the many issues he faces and gave the group the opportunity to ask questions and look at the farm water plan.

Farm manager Brad Watts explaining the farm water management system on the property to the group.

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