Holistic Management, Yarck

Learning for future farms in a time of upheaval

As our daily life spirals into uncertain times, the start of the Holistic Management course in Yarck provided a grounding framework for the participants to focus on over the coming months. Seventeen land owners and managers from across the Goulburn Broken region attended the 2-day session at the Yarck Hall, run by Brian Wehlburg from Inside Outside Management. Holistic Farming is essentially about working with our land – supporting and nurturing our soils, protecting our water and vegetation, and enabling participants to make economically, socially and environmentally sound decisions from this basis.

“There are some interesting and very challenging ‘beliefs’ that he is dispelling, but Brian is very fair and considered.” Rhiannon Sandford, property owner.

The content was delivered in the classroom as well as site visit to a local Molesworth farming property and with six more days of learning to come, the group is feeling enthused for more.

“Running this course locally makes it accessible to the property owners and managers in the region, enabling them to form support networks to help each other out through the highs and lows of farming, someone who believes in the same methods and wants to follow a path less travelled in agriculture” Cat Thomas, Landcare Facilitator.

The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network project is supported by Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program

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