Horse Care Workshop

Twenty-one horse enthusiasts visited ‘Mayfield’, the home of Andrew and Nicky Bowe, to learn more about equine care and management.

The Barefoot Blacksmith, Andrew, and partner Nicky, a scientist, have been working for many years  to establish best management practices that optimize hoof health and equine soundness, particularly nutrition. We also had a presentation by Tamara Fox on parasite management.

A full day of presentations covered topics including;

  • Horse behaviour and safe handling
  • Parasite management and worming
  • Pasture management
  • Fencing and infrastructure
  • Feeding and the importance of gut health
  • Hoof care, prevention and treating common pathologies.

A lot of information to cover in one day!

Feed back from attendees indicated that everyone, no matter what level of horse knowledge they have, learned several new pieces of information relating to horse care.

Thank you Andrew, Nicky and Tamara.

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