Cathedral Landcare Group

The CLG formed in February 2013 and encompasses the areas of Buxton, Taggerty and surrounds. Since the 2009 fires, there has been a proliferation of weeds, including blackberry, which are now having an impact upon agricultural production and the natural bush in the area. The area covered by CLG is predominantly small to medium landholders with low intensity grazing enterprises and a significant area of public land including several river frontages and state forest / park.

The mission of CLG is: To minimise pests and weeds, and revegetate indigenous plants, by raising awareness of landholders, and through collaborative partnerships between individual landholders, CLG, the broader community, and government and non-government agencies. ('Pests' include, but are not limited to: deer, rabbits, foxes, feral cats, common myna, starlings. 'Weeds includes, but is not limited to: blackberry, thistles, capeweed).


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Cathedral Landcare Group

Secretary - Melinda Evans:

PO Box 111

Buxton VIC 3711

Phil Challen

TBAG Project Officer

Ph: 03 5774 7644

M: 0403 065 036

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