Lorax project winds down for 2010

The Lorax project is winding down now until next treeplanting season.

Most of our seedlings have been distributed by Chris , Cathy & Janet .
A waiting list for next years plant selection is being compiled .
Plans to seed collect for growing next years plants are being made .
Volunteers growers are being recruited.

  • 13,200 seedlings were planted by volunteers this year.
  • A further 12,500 plants were given to fire affected landholders for them to plant.
  • 22,000 stakes were used.
  • 7,600 tree guards used.
  • 20 stainless steel ‘hamilton’ treeplanters are still in the landcare tool trailer
  • 4 mallets were lost , 16 remain.
  • 220 pairs of work gloves were worn out .
  • A valuable partnership between Upper Goulburn Landcare Network and Treeproject has been formed.

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