Managing Roadside Vegetation HOW???

I am always interested in seeing how the bush is regenerating after the fires.
The issues of how to manage this regrowth are complex.
The attached pictures are an example of how roadside vegetation needs to be considered carefully.
In photo one all the plants look nearly the same but if you look more closely you will note three dominant and similar species .
  • The Grey Parrot Pea, unusual for the area, has responded to the fire by germinating 100’s of new healthy plants.
  • Common heath, a low growing plant that cannot be easily propagated in a nursery, has also produced many seedlings since the fire.
  • Bergan ( TeaTree) A very invasive native species has also been stimulated by the fire. It will grow into a tall thicket and smother all other species.

    How can this area be managed to protect the rarer plants and suppress the bergan growth ?

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