Seed collecting for Lorax Project

Seed collecting activities began on the 20th of December and have been intensive over the past 10 days. Sarah Roberts and Janet have been working together to collect seeds in the Marysville, Eildon , Cathedral Range , Lake Mountain and Strathbogie Ranges areas.
Cath Olive is collecting around Taggery , Yea and the Black Range . We have bumped into her twice while collecting last week at Locksely and Gooram plus I think I spotted her ‘stockings’ tried onto pea bushes this morning at Strathbogie !
David Wakefield is collecting around Flowerdale and Strath Creek .
Tim Stewart from Treeproject is collecting from Glenburn to Kinglake back towards Melbourne.
Chris Cobern collects around Kinglake when he gets a chance .
We are building a comprehensive collection of understorey seed from the fire areas to be used
in future community and volunteer revegetation projects from peas and wattles to wetland plants , creepers ,wildflowers & grasses.

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  1. Anonymous on January 6, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    well done to janet and the team – this will be great – truly what was planned – it will be fun to watch your tree planting exploits in the cooler weather.

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