South Cathederal Lane

Had a very constructive day tree planting with 40 NAB volunteers today.
Visited 3 properties , planted , staked & guarded 900 trees and shrubs.
Misty weather conditions with occassional showers. Impressive views of Cathedral Range.
Wet and slippery under foot.
Huge bus / coach did manage to get reasonably close to the planting sites without mishap.
Great team of workers , quickly got into the groove of planting and stormed across the landscape planting every three metres.
We really pushed them for the last hour to get the job finished which they did half an hour ahead of schedual – they deserved their trip to the Buxton Pub and long weekend .
Thanks Guys
Note from happy landholder attached:

Thank you SOOOO much for all the trees, but especially for organising all the NAB staff to come and put them all in!
Apart from the fact it would have taken us days to do it on our own, finding the time (especially now the cottages are starting to be rebuilt next week) would have been something of a challenge.
Please pass on our sincere gratitude to all the good folk from the NAB.
Thanks again J
Megan Buntine and Marty Slade
South Cathedral Farm
Award Winning and Pet Friendly Luxury Bed and Breakfast Cottages
53 South Cathedral Lane, Buxton, 3711

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