UGLN Paddock Tree Project

The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network recently completed a very successful project to protect isolated individual trees and groups of paddock trees on farms.

Redgum in Limestone with deliberately inward leaning fence to help prevent stock damage

Redgums containing hollows for wildlife








As well as providing shade for stock paddock trees provide important habitat and hollows for wildlife. The fallen leaf litter and branches also provide habitat for lizards, frogs and mammals.

Paddock trees at Limestone








Unfortunately stock can affect the health of these trees and eventually kill them by camping underneath, compaction of the roots and by rubbing and ring-barking the trees.

This old paddock tree in Gobur is struggling but still provides hollows and perching habitat for wildlife








Funding was provided by the Victorian Landcare Grants program for landholders in the Upper Goulburn to fence off and plant indigenous understorey plants around paddock trees.

Grey Box at Killingworth with understorey planting by Yea High School students









Over sixty large paddock trees including Red Stringybark, Grey, Red and Yellow Box, Candlebark and some very large old Redgum trees, as well as dozens of small-medium trees have been protected as part of the project.

Revegetation of a large paddock tree site

Revegetation of a paddock tree site at Strath Creek.









A large group of Red Box trees now protected from stock at Limestone


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