Warm Mud for EPA

1041 Eucalyptus Road Glenburn.
10 volunteers from the EPA . Chris & Janet from Landcare.
Beautiful sunny , warm day.
Before lunch planted native grasses around the new dam to stablize the soil and create habitat for birds & frogs.
The EPA crew ( Caroline organised all this ) shared a sumptous picnic lunch on the back patio . Played the ‘coin’ game which was an interesting way to learn more about each other . Take a cup of random coins , each person takes one and looks at the date, in turn everyone tells the group what they were doing in year on their chosen coin . Eg. 1988 The bicentennial year , a cloud of fertilty had decended on Ruffy and just about every child bearing age woman had a baby . I gave birth to Jacqui at 3 minites to midnight on the 29th of February . A leap year baby but only just !
After lunch we got stuck into it , the mud I mean , the team constructed 2 silt traps below the dam to catch sediments before they reach the creek . Warm , sloppy, sticky mud everywhere.

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  1. Anonymous on October 22, 2010 at 8:27 am

    where are the photos of the mud??

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