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This brochure is also available at the GBCMA office, Shop5, 10 High St, Yea.

Ribbons Of Remnant Roadsides Project - Botanical Reports

Murrays Road Botanical Report

Clarks Road Botanical Report

Yea Spur Road Botanical Report Final

Captains Creek Road Botanic Report

Kings Road Botanical Report

Burns Rd Botanical Report

Old Fawcett Road Alexandra Flora survey

Cathedral Lane Botanical Report

Upper King Parrot Creek Road Botanical Report

Frees Road Botanical Report

Old Highlands Road Botanical Report

Old Spring Valley Road Botanical Report

Deviation Rd Botanical Report

UGLN Newsletters.

UGLN newsletter Summer 2023

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Chemical Subsidy Claim Form

Weeds of National Significance list

















Caring For Your Patch - In the Kinglake Ranges

Caring For Your Patch

Understanding Your Soil Test, step by step;

The Yea River Catchment Landcare Group in partnership with Soil Scientist Cath Botta and with funding from the GBCMA have developed a soil test interpretation booklet for landholders.

This booklet gives clear and concise explanations for your soil test results. This booklet is available at the GBCMA office, Shop5, 10 High St, Yea.











The UGLN has a trailer available for groups to borrow for field days, working bees and events.

The trailer has a built in barbecue with gas bottle provided as well as a gas ring for boiling a kettle. We also have 5 trestle tables and 25 fold up chairs available to groups.

The UGLN also have available to borrow an Indian myna trap.

myna trap


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