King Parrot Catchment Fox Control Project – 2021 Camera Monitoring Program

43 cameras were recently deployed on properties of participants in the King Parrot Catchment Fox Control Project (KPCFCP).
This included 19 locations in the Upper Catchment, 15 in the Mid Catchment and 9 in the Lower Catchment.


Fox – Flowerdale








Results show that fox numbers have been steadily decreasing in the Upper Catchment (Kinglake area) and the Lower Catchment (Strath Creek area).
In the Mid Catchment (Flowerdale area) fox numbers have bounced around a bit.

However the recent recruitment by Flowerdale Landcare of many new participants taking part in our fox baiting programs should see a similar drop over the coming years.
The reduction in fox numbers has been especially noticeable on properties that are also involved in our fox baiting programs.

A fox with native animal prey

Fox with prey











Most encouraging to see was the continued increase in many of our small-medium mammals and ground dwelling birds that are particularly vulnerable to fox predation.

A pair of the endangered Lewins Rail

Sugar Glider – Strath Creek








Observations of Long-nosed Bandicoots in the upper catchment have increased from 11 in 2018 to 62 and 53 on nine separate properties over the last two years.

Long-nosed Bandicoot – Kinglake

Long-nosed Bandicoot








The endangered Brush-tailed Phascogale was a rare site on our cameras when we first started our monitoring programs. This year we captured an incredible 56 photographs on six separate properties.

Brush-tailed Phascogale

Brush-tailed Phascogale








The iconic Lyrebird, a ground-dwelling bird that is very vulnerable to foxes have doubled their numbers and this year we captured 41 photographs on 9 separate properties.









Wedge-tailed Eagle

Mountain Brush-tailed Possum – Bobuck







The Australian Bush Rat – playing the didgeridoo

Satin Bowerbird







Ringtail Possum

Agile Antechinus








A young Swamp Wallaby










For more information about participating in this project contact Project Officer Chris Cobern on 0413 855 490 or

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  1. Gary Hendy on July 31, 2021 at 6:17 pm

    Dear Chris, good work. as you say very encouraging to see the recovery of our precious animals with your help with coordinated feral predator control.
    Gary Hendy

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