Gumboots Essential for Aquatic Planting

6/12/2010 Kinross Farm Flowerdale

20 volunteers from the Commonwealth Serum Laboratory . Parkville (Biotherapies & Human Viral Vaccines plus 11 volunteers from the Department of Planning and Community Infrastructure. Spring Street Office.

Janet & Karen Brisbane .

Our very first aquatic planting day , yes we were actually planting sedges , rushes and reeds , into the mud under the water while standing in the shallows around the Kinross Egg Farm dam.
The beautiful weather made this a most enjoyable activity . Gumboots were the order of the day and 31 pairs were borrowed from GMLN & CSL . No snakes bothered us and no-one accidentally slipped into the water , even the mosquitoes and flies behaved themselves.

These were very speedy workers , first 300 plants were planted in about half an hour ! After BBQ lunch another 200 were planted quickly .

Through staff donations to Landcare and CSL’s match, givingforgood funded the purchase of these plants to help revegetate the area surrounding a number of ponds on the Kinross Farm. Neighbouring land was devastated in the Black Saturday Bushfires and revegetation of the ponds will help to improve water quality and reintroduce native fauna. (CLS source their eggs from Kinross Farm to make flu vaccines etc). Karen Brisbane , Corporate Landcare Coordinator , organised this project with Chris Cobern.

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