Queensland Fruit Fly confirmed in Yea

Monitoring Trap distribution

Queensland Fruit Fly is a destructive pest and the bane of backyard gardeners across the state, let alone the commercial growers across the country.  Thanks to our vigilant monitoring participants we have been able to confirm the presence of QFF in Yea, Murrindindi and Trawool.
The key to containing the impacts of Queensland Fruit Fly in our region is good garden hygiene:
• Make sure you pick or clean up all fallen or unwanted fruit from your trees. At this time of year, fruit flies will be headed for the deliciously aromatic quinces or any pears and apples still fruiting. Please hang your active traps close to these trees to increase the chance of finding any further specimens.
• Look for damage in your fruit, fruit flies often leave pin prick markings on the skin of the fruit when they lay their eggs. The maggots that hatch out then make their way to the centre of the fruit. Infested fruit will fall to the ground prematurely. If you suspect your fruit may have been infested, strip the tree and please double bag all the fruit, leave in the sun for at least 7 days then place the bag into the rubbish. Please DO NOT compost suspected infected fruit.
• PRUNING! If you can’t reach the fruit to pick it, then it is a place for fruit fly to hide and thrive. Keep trees to a manageable size and net trees if possible.
• Net trees with insect netting after flowering to allow pollination.
• Remove any unwanted fruit trees.
• Check your traps, replace your bait as per label instructions (commonly every 3 months), talk to your neighbours and fellow gardeners about Queensland Fruit Fly
• Agriculture Victoria has a website with information for gardeners and a brochure you can download. http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/…/pest-i…/queensland-fruit-fly

UGLN and Murrindindi Shire Council still have traps available for community members and (restrictions willing!) these will be ready for pick up in Spring.

Please contact UGLN if you have any questions or if you have a suspected fruit fly in your trap.

Cat Thomas UGLN Facilitator Ph: 0418 655 474 Email: uglandcare@ugln.net

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